14 March 2020 New regulations and updates for Covid19.

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14 March 2020 New regulations and updates for Covid19.
by Jessica Pearlman - Saturday, 14 March 2020, 11:36 PM

From now on there will be more extreme measure that the government issued.

👉1. No more than 10 people in on room or confined space. 

👉2. All shopping and entertainment centers  will be closed. 

👉3. Everyone should stay home unless 100% necessary.

👉 public transportation.

For students:

⚠️1. No Visiting other farms.

⚠️2. No traveling for any reason.

⚠️3. No coming to school.

 School days will be online. studying from the farm. Each student from his/her own farm. 

The school days will be spent on learning NOT WORKING.

⚠️4. No partys or gatherings in or out of the farm.

The supermarkets will be open.

The banks will be open.

But... please if it is not 100% necessary try to avoid it .

If any one is exhibiting flew like symptoms please inform the farmer and us immediately.

This is a time to take responsibility and take care of each other.

It is a time for unity and community responsibility.

Together we will all overcome this difficult time!!!!! 💪💪

Wishing everyone good health!!!