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15 March 2020 instructions regarding Covid19
Bởi Jessica Pearlman - Chủ nhật, 15 Tháng ba 2020, 11:15 AM

* The following are the instructions of the Ministry of Health:

 *Educational Institutions:* 

• All educational institutions will stop working, regardless of the number of children in the school.  This will also close special education, internal, daycare, family camps, youth camps, summer camps and...

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Hình của Jessica Pearlman
14 March 2020 New regulations and updates for Covid19.
Bởi Jessica Pearlman - Thứ bảy, 14 Tháng ba 2020, 11:36 PM

From now on there will be more extreme measure that the government issued.

👉1. No more than 10 people in on room or confined space. 

👉2. All shopping and entertainment centers  will be closed. 

👉3. Everyone should stay home unless 100% necessary.

👉 public transportation.

For students:

⚠️1. No ...

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